Step into the Future With Solar Energy!

Step into the Future With Solar Energy!

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Is Connecticut a Good State for Solar Energy? 

Emphatically, YES, for a combination of reasons.  Connecticut is ranked in the top 10% of all states for solar.  That’s mainly because we are ranked the #1 most expensive for energy.  We also enjoy a great combination of no sales tax for solar and no increase in property tax, although solar energy does add value to the home.  With time, green homes will become more desirable and valuable.

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    Is This a Good Time for Solar? Never Better!

    Connecticut residents know there can be wild swings in utility rates! For example, from December 2021 to January 2023, our biggest utility raised rates 245%!

    So why is this the best year to buy solar?

    First, the federal government increased the investment tax credit to a whopping 30%. In addition, our utility will now pay you for twenty years, for every kilowatt you produce.

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    Battery Energy Storage Incentives

    Solar Panel house Drone  - Connecticut Sun Nerds Solar Brokers

    Why Choose CT Sun Nerds?

    Most homeowners would feel our biggest advantage is we put your installation up for bid. CT Sun Nerds will invite multiple solar installers to bid for your system and submit the best price and package to win the bid. The awarded company will still install a powerful, state-of-the-art solar system, but at a negotiated better price.

    Keep in mind that the bigger solar installers with the infomercials, tv commercials and fancy websites must cover all of those big costs! If you are most interested in a better price and package, CT Sun Nerds should be your first stop!  

    We are based in Newington, CT and serve all of Connecticut. Give us a call at 860-888-9698 today, and please have your utility bill handy!


    Your Solar Options

    You may buy, lease, or get a solar loan. Your utility bills can be under $10 a month with a properly-sized system. If you could qualify for a loan that would be less than what you are paying now, just for electricity, then why not sign up? 


    So, What Do We Do Now?

    Send us a message for more information and expect a follow-up from us. 


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